I help enterprising companies create effective online strategies, compelling websites and dope experiences that increase visibility & attract customers.

Creative Direction, Corporate Identity, Nifty Websites, Graphics and Print Design, or UX/UI Strategy & Consulting – if you need, let’s build it!

Since 2002, I’ve been working directly with business owners –or as a hired gun for large agencies– to create professional, accessible, beautiful websites that are lovingly hand-coded according to current best UX practices. I specialize in Creative Direction, User-Centered Design, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Usability & User Research for digital products.

Clients Include

Microsoft, Amazon, Bing, Starbucks, Sony BMG, Premera, Lifewise & Moovn

Site Info

This version of Fresh-Off was designed in Figma and in the browser. Underneath the hood it’s powered by WordPress, PHP, SASS, JS, HTML5, Flexbox, and CSS3 with very few affordances for old, aging browsers…

Out & About

Offline, outside work I spend my time devouring audio books, watching Kung-Fu, Sci-Fi and 70′s Blaxploitation flicks, listening to Jazz, underground Hip-Hop, Dancehall and Afro Beat, cooking, discussing Social Justice, visiting museums and art-walks, flirting with my wife and raising our two boys!

My Workstyle

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