Moovn is a scrappy, innovative Seattle based ride-share company that competes directly with Uber and Lyft in Seattle and Dar Es Salaam for the hearts and minds of passengers and drivers. Through direct empathetic engagement with our drivers and quirky, consumer facing design we’ve driven exponential user growth.

Driver Receiving Cash

Background: In East Africa, Moovn accepts multiple payment types –Credit, Debit, M-Pesa and Cash. We spent significant time mapping out the Cash journeys in order to keep both our drivers and passengers safe. These journeys were used to plan and create several of the screens below.

Driver App: Receiving cash payment

Moovn Wallet Flows/Wires

Background: Realized partnerships with Vodacom and Toyota, the need to accept new electronic currency types like M-Pesa, and viable partnership opportunities in tourism and health-care industries prompted Moovn to begin development on the Moovn Wallet – a way to accept and manage multiple currency types. The Moovn Wallet has become an integral part of the way Moovn conducts business in East Africa and is currently under further development to integrate directly into our corporate partner’s systems in the US.

Moovn Wallet flows
Passenger App: Manage payments

Passenger Booking Flows/Wires

Background: One of Moovn’s key differentiators is the ease with which passengers can schedule rides in advance. A major factor we identified was that many passengers (domestically and internationally) are using multiple ridesharing apps to commute, and that there is often a cognitive load experienced when switching between apps. A key constraint became walking the line between the need to differentiate Moovn’s app, features and brand and not overloading our users cognitively by forcing them to learn a completely new interface and user flow.

Passenger App: Booking flow and interactions

Updating Moovn’s Brand

Background:While simultaneously working on updating key Mobile user experiences and journeys, I was also responsible for updating the Mobile brand, Visual design system and language to be used by various teams we had in East Africa, India and Eastern Europe.

Moovn Register Screens
Various screens from both our Passenger and Driver apps.
I created a series of designs for E-Boards, placed around the city of Dar Es Salaam, in Swahili

A series of ads, localized to various Seattle neighborhoods.

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