Microsoft Refurbished PC

This redesign and content audit included interviewing US and European users & stakeholders and determining a new strategy to map content to changing business strategy. Ultimately, we were able to streamline the existing content and optimize the user journey for faster conversions.

Content Audit

Background:I conducted a content audit by mapping out the existing site content and business intent and then interviewing numerous MS international stakeholders in Europe and South America to identify the content that should get cut, and the content that needed to stay. The site diagram below was critical in getting all stakeholders on board for the “keep or kill” content decisions.

New Sitemap

Result:After gaining consensus from the varied stakeholders, I was able to present a new and significantly simplified sitemap that mapped directly the redesigns business goals and objectives

Homepage Wires

Background:Microsoft had a reasonably established visual style that the stakeholders wanted to stick with. These wires focused on variations of homepage content placement and importance rather than visual design to keep the discussion centered on content rather than visual treatment

Site Design

Result:The final homepage and in interior template page that went to production.

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